søndag 14. februar 2010

Our Aussie friend’s visite summer 2009…

We were so lucky to have our Australian friend Megan come visite us one week last summer! We all met throught Facebook – and it shows that distance is no hindrence in friendship! And your only a flight away!

When Megan arrived we had to show her around as it was her first time visiting Norway. We were a little unlycky with the weather up here in Tønsberg – but luckely we could drive down to Kristiansand and show her some of the places where I grew up… Atleast we had really nice weather there!

But first of all we showed her around Tønsbert – and it was cold that day!!!





So after having a couple of days freezing our buts off – we drove down to find the sun! Here having pizza on the pier…

DSCN2567 The next day we went in to town to do some sightseeing! Oh and we can’t forget all the freebeez that was handed out… Megan and Damien was quick to find the stands where they handed it out…


Walking around did get tiering so we had a little rest down by “Nupen” down by the seaside…


DSCN2618 After petting some fish – we went for some lunch…





The rest of the day was spent doing some more sightseeing and then resting. We had a big day the next morning going out on a boat trip! Really looked forward to that!  (that will be in my nest post)

fredag 8. januar 2010

Hike up to Prekestolen…

Prekestolen is one of the places my husband and I had on our list of places to see in Norway - so when his parents came over from Canada for our wedding – what better place to take them but there?

It is rather a long drive from Tønsberg to Rogaland so I consider us lucky to have family half way to break up the trip. We wanted to take a day trip and started around 8 am in the morning. It took us about 4 hours to drive one way.


This is at Lysefjorden waiting for the boat to take us across to route 13 which takes us up to the foot of the mountain where Prekestolen is.


Finally arriving at the parking lot – we could begin our long hike up the mountain side. In total the hike took  about 2,5 – 3 hours. Yeh it was quite a hard hike parts of the trail and I am very impressed with my parents in law going the whole way!


This is at 1/3 of the way going up. Good thing we didn’t know it – or we might just have turned back!!! prekestolen4


Yay !!! We are half way and can see Lysefjorden again. Well I don’t know if shouting yay was the best thing to do here – this was the point where I got my first blister…

prekestolen6 Doing greath there mom! Walking along side the mountain with a really steep drop is scary! Best hold on to the railing at this point .. oh by the way – by now I was walkin bare foot as I had blisters on both my feet.. Note: Always wear comfy old shoes doing this ! ! !


This is my hubby’s way of cheering me on ….

prekestolen8 …and it worked… :-) I continued now with parents in law in front of us ! Good job !

We can almost see the end of the hike now – just around the corner and – VICTORY!!

prekestolen9  And what a sight meeting us around that corner ! ! ! ! !

It was breath taking … no other words can describe it..


We spent about 10-15 min on the top admiring the spectacular view…


..before we started on our trip back home again !

This is definitly a trip we will remember for the rest of our life – for as mom and dad said – We’ve did it once, and wont do it again !  hehe (well – maybe sometime in the future when we have forgotten how straining the hike up was…)

tirsdag 5. januar 2010

Birthday boat trip with mother and father in law May 31’th..

The day after our wedding it was my birthday. And what a wonderful day it was! The sun was shining from a clear blue sky and what other could we do than to take mom and dad in law on a boat trip around the coast where I grew up.

Damien with parents boat trip Aleksander båttur

Even my little nephew wanted to join the gang on the wild seas!! He kept all of us up to date on all the other boats on the water so we didn’t have to worry about hittin any of them… ship o’ hoy!! Even going through the narrowest parts of the rout (so narrow that you only had a few inches on each side of the boat to clear off…. ) he was on top of everything!

After a 2 1/2 hour sail we headded back to shore. Everyone very satisfied with the trip, the company, the guide and the weather. Even I learned something new this day…. Imagine that!!??!!

A big thank you to Brage who willingly took all of us with him on his boat :-))

Our most amazing day getting married!!

May 30'th A day to remember forever. Celebrating our love with family and friends. This has been the best day ever for both of us so far. The thought of spending the rest of our lives together gives us more joy than anyone can imagine! We find ourselves waking up every day with a big smile on our faces. Our love keeps growing for every minute and we feel so blessed to have found each other. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! :))

A lovely place to take the wedding pictures..

Last weekend we had a drive around to see if we could find a nice place to take some wedding pictures. At Myren Gård just outside the City of Kristiansand I think we found the spot. It has a sea of beautiful flowers with all the colours of the rainbow... And also a couple of interesting places to get some funny pics too!!

I just love this tree!!! I have never seen one with roots sticking out as far up as this one does! Looks like the tree had to grow a few extra stems just to keep it self up straight! A fun tree!!!